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The compilation of the form

1. The name of the project : My river

2. One-sentence description of the project:
The project concerns the description of the river trail . It may be a canoeing rally or a foot route along the river. The most welcome are the tracks using rivers connectig two other countries, eg Odra, Bug, Dunaj, Ren.

3. The comprehensive description of the project
a. Am I glad to spend my holidays by the water; maybe in this year it will be a river. Maybe I will row some distance by the canoe or will I walk along some section of the river bank.
b. In which geographical land will it be?
c. What plants do I pass by?
d. Is there plenty of fish in the water? Can I name them?
e. What animals do I meet during my trek? How do they behave?
f. What was the weather? I will describe it.
g. Do I pass by many people? Are they tourists (how are they resting?); are they local inhabitants (what are they doing?)
h. You are observing the environment all the time, esp the water and the river banks. Are you glad with the present conditions?
i. It's time to say something about your companions: Are you merry? Are you doing jokes mutually? Maybe you have experienced some adventure - describe it.
j. Do you know any song about the river or a musical composition which describes a river - tell us about it.
k. I wish you told us about fascinating people, events or legends connected with the place where you are.
l. You absolutely must take photos during the expedition - or paint what you see.

After you come back from the holidays, exchange the impressions with us. Did you bring any natural souvenirs, just taken from water or sand.
We wait for your recollections. It was great but it will be even better if we exchange our adventures.

4. The age/standard of the participants.
Age and number of the participants are not limited. 5. The timetable
The start of the project: 1st June 2000
We collect the materials till the end of the summer or the early autumn.
The end of the project: 31st December 2001
We compile and send the materials till that day to the address given below.
The publication of the all works : 31st March 2001

6. The available activities concerning the project inside the class:
The appropriate place for the summer holidays should be chosen during the shool-year. You should prepare the route and set the timetable for the canoeing rally.
We compile the gathered materials in the school computer workshop after the conducted expedition.

7. Expected results
We are awaiting for the stories, photos, pictures, maps and other forms of description of the time spent by the river. We will read everything willingly. Sent works will be gathered and published as a leaflet. Above this, the www page will be constructed in the internet. It will consist of all works.

8. The contribution of the project
The realisation of the project should contribute to advertising your close region, its natural advantagesand tourist sites. Simultaneously, resting we should pay attention to the protection of the natural environment.

9. Languages of the project
Works should be written in English.

10. Names/e-mails of the participants of the initial group;
All questions and opinions should be directed to me :
Ewelina Grzemska
e-mail: ewg@go2.pl