The legend about Janosik says...

Once Janosik's father had to go to Liptowo to buy a few mules on the market. He took money and started to saying goodbye his family.
-Be aware of highwaymen, father. You might return with empty pockets instead of mules - Janosik warned his father.
-Don't frighten me with the highwaymen - answered his father - I'll be all right.
And he left. After time he got in a forrest with big bushes and trees. He smiled as he thought about Janosik's warnings.
But a moment later he was sorry for ignoring it - a highwayman standing behind a big boulder jumped out and barred his way.
-Give me your money you have with you, otherwise I'll take them with your life - shouted the highwayman.
The scared man prefered to lose his money rather than his life. The highwayman took the money and dissapeared in the forrest. The said host came back home. -You were right, my son - sighed Janosik's father. - A highwayman robbed my all money. I've almoust died.
-But you've said that no highwayman was frightening to you - Janosik was joking.
-I wouldn't be aware of an ordinar highwayman and I wouldn't give him my money. But that one was unussual. He was very high and big as a beer!
-What are you saying - asked amased Janosik. - He must have been a bit similar to me.
-Nonsense - answered his father.
-Maybe you're wrong. Look!
And Janosik jumped out dressed like a highwayman.
-Now you're a bit similar to him. - said aased father.
-Not similar but the same. - laughed Janosik - It was me who robbed you! - and he gave back the money to his father.
-You look like a real highwayman - said the father.
-And I'll soon become a highwayman - answered Janosik.
And he became. Few days later he left onto the mountains to meet with other highwaymen. He had to travel days and nights to meet them. One night he had a strange dream. Three mountain goddesses appeared and sais: -He'll become a highwayman, który u jednych wdzięczność, u innych strach budzić będzie. Let's give him, something he'll mostly need.
-I'll give him ciupaga. -said the first one - when he has an impact on it he'll jump three miles.
-I'll give him a shirt. No bullet will pierce it - said the second goddess.
-And I'll give a belt. No one will defeat him when he'll put it on - said the third one.
When Janosik woke up, he couldn't believe. The goddess disappeared but their gifts where still there. Janosik continued his yourney. He soon met the highwaymen. He asked them if he could join them. They told him to show them he was strong. The firs task was to fight and bit the strongest one. With help of Janosik's belt he managed bit his opponent. Than he was to jump over the tallest one. Thanks to his ciupaga he jumped so high that he even didn't touch the highwayman's hat.
The highwaymen amased with Janosik's strangth and his fitness allowed Janosik to join them. He was a very brave and strong highwayman. He was famous because he robbed the rich and gave. He never would hurt someone poor. In fact he sometimes gave the robbed money to the poor. But once while dancing he didn't have the belt, ciupaga, and the shirt with him. The soldiers came for him. He had no chances and he was arrested, and in Liptowo hanged up. He died smoking his favourite pipe. But he's still alive in legends and songs in peoples minds.

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