The details about the Janosik Project

1.Name of project:
JANOSIK (Czech, Slovakian and Polish hero)
Project idea:
We would collect historical, traditional and literary sources about Janosik (Ondraszek) and create a map of places where he was. We would like to organize a mountain trip "To Follow JANOSIK" in all his fatherlands.
2.Age level of project participants: Above 15 (students of secondary schools)
3. Starting date: Nov 30, 1998
4. Ending date: Nov 30, 1999
5. Sample suggested/proposed activities:
Collecting legends, tales, literature sources about Janosik. Creating WWW pages (English or optional national languages). Planning common mountain trip. Adding to WWW pages pictures and description of the trip. Create an electronic guide "To follow Janosik"
6.Expected outcomes: Web pages.
How will this project make a contribution to others and the planet? Cooperation people from Centeast Europe.
8.Language(s) of the project: English
9. Names and e-mail addresses of the initial participating group: Jesuits High School Gdynia, Poland
10. Name and e-mail address of facilitator(s): Zdzich Kamrowski
11. Conference where it will take place: iearn.centeast
12.How to participate: Send a registration form via e-mail to: JHS
Application form:
Name of the coordinator:_________________
Mailing address: _____________________________________________
E-mail Address: ___________________________
School: __________
Internet/WWW? _________

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