Abraham, Cottage Museum is part of the City of Gdynia. House name derives from a local activist and a fighter for Polishness Kashubia Anthony Abraham, who in August 1920 he moved to Gdynia and lived in a rented room in a building belonging to the family Skwierczow. Here he spent the last three years of his life. The house is built of brick, forming the decorative friezes. The building was constructed in 1902, was located facing the road at that time. His current position, a bit of slant to the road indicates a change in the course of the street. On the front wall of the house is in-built plaque. Since 1968, the building is located in the provincial register of monuments. In 1970, after a general renovation, the building took over the newly created Department of History of the City of Gdynia. At home, located a small exhibition rooms.

81-356 Gdynia, street Starowiejska 30,