Description of the castle

Castlein Gniew – teutonic castle built at the end XIII and in 1. for half of the XIV century he was the hugest stronghold of the order on the left bank of the Vistula, he constituted the residence of the commander. During disassemblies repeatedly he changed his function, serving among others as the granary (to this purpose rebuilt in XVIII in.) and prison. Reconstructed equally XIX in., then a big four-sided tower was also pulled down and she was replaced with the turret. In the fire in 1921 r burnt down. The reconstruction of the monument started in years with 1968 - 1974, and for her Factories of Ship's Mechanisms were a sponsor "Fama". The second phase of the reconstruction started in 1992 with r. from the initiative of the Town and Commune Office. At present on the lock here tourneys, displays of the artistic metalwork, colonies and other parties are held.  .