Phot. Gdynia City Museum's Files (nr 162/6)

The most important fact of the hundred-year House's history is Antoni Abraham's living there since 1920 to 1923. This known person was staying there for not a long time, but it was enough to call the House after that great Kashubian hero. The House was built in 1902 for Franciszek Skwiercz. I suppose he had got the oldest surname in Gdynia. Now the Abraham's House belongs to Jan Skwiercz - he inheriter the House with a surname. But before that, in the Middle-war Time, in the House there was a shop with an articles of house-use (in 1923), an 'iron' shop of Juliusz Hundsdorf, and a shoemaker. Since 1968 the House is in the Register of the District's Remains. The historical worth of the Abraham's house had been noticed by the City Librery's Historical Section, which in 1983 transformed into the Gdynia City Museum, and it was still situated in Abraham's House. So even now you can watch there some occasional exposition. There is a lot of silence and gravity, and while beeing there you can imagin about the old Gdynia and its inhabitant's life.

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