From Russia to Japan with Love





 From Russia to Japan with Love” exhibition of works of children and youth realized this from different countries” in frames IEARN.


International organization IEARN this realizing varied   educational projects, across Internet. Popularising of communication

                                      technology is her aim in education and executing of different

                                      assignments through schoolboy teams from different countries.


In July 2003, in Japan X Conference Iearn will do itself. Pupils from School EPIGRAF from St.-Petersburga decided to send dams they invited works of pupils from different schools and countries, which to part in project across Internet. Gather works of children have to visit all participating countries in project.




To Poland exhibition arrived from Russia (she wasearlier already on Belorussia). From us it will become sent it will reach to Japan onto Ukraine, and in July. Pupils of Basic School in Alwernia took part very preferably in her, they executed different plastic works and they sent it to St.-Petersburga. With impatience they waited onto arrival of exhibition, to to see works of one's colleagues from different countries (Japan, Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine, Australia, Kosovo, Iran). At last exhibition is in Basic School in Alwernia and large interest wakes. Pupils many it pleases works very, they have different subject matter and they are executed different plastic technicians very. Damage, that exhibition can not be at us longer.