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15 November - The exhibition was sent to the second destination - Minsk, Belarus.

29 November - The 1st exhibition in school "Epigraph", St.Petersburg, Russia was closed. On the Closing ceremony all workshops presented what they have done. Students from the workshop "Ierogliphs" wrote big banners with ierogliphs. Students from the workshop "Hinamacuri or the Doll's Holiday" draw very beautiful japanese women in kimonos. Students from the workshop "Origami" made a model of our planet from paper with butterflies and cranes on it. Students from the workshop "Haiku" wrote some japanese poems about drawings that are presented on the exibition. Students from the workshop "Scream of the Samurai" screamed Good Morning in Japanese. And finally, students from the workshop "Karaoke" sang a song of Alphaville "Big in Japan". Then the winner of the quiz game was named. It was Mikhail Aksenov the student of the 5th grade. He was presented a book about Japan. All the participants of the project received a Certificate of Participation. You can look at photos here.

29 November - On the last lesson all students of our school chose on of the workshops. After the lesson they had a Japanese lunch where they tasted Japanese meal and tried to eat with chopsticks. Look at the photos here.

29 November - Mikhail Avanesov, coordinator of iEARN in St.Petersburg, visited the exibition and wished it good luck in the guestbook.

27 November - Caroline Watson, Houston, Texas visited the exibition and put a note in our guestbook.

27 November - Japanese Week started in school "Epigraph". Started the quiz game "Nippon or the Beginning of the Sun". Students have the possibility to buy a ticket with questions about Japan. After answer all the questions they have to put a ticket into a special box. The winner will be called on the Closing ceremony of the exibition, 29 of November.

26 November - A Rotary delegation (John Chimenti, Kevin Crosby and ) from the USA visited the exibition and put a note in our guestbook.

25 November - Ann-Louise Olsson, headmaster of Dunkers skola, Sweden visited the exibition and put a note in our guestbook.

19 November - Edward Orton, a guest from London, England visited the exibition and put a note in our guestbook.

18 November - The 1st exibition "From Russia to Japan with Love" was opened. The Japanese counsil Yagoto Yaei and representatives of the district cut the red ribbon and opened the exibition. You can look at the photos from the Openning ceremony here.