The name of the project :  The patron of my school



One-sentence description of the project:

            The project concerns the profile of the patron of the school you are attending.

Full description of the project:

·        Do you know who was the man (institution), whose name your school uses?

·        Which domain of life did he bring credit to?

·        What did he leave to the next generations?

·        Can his figure be an example and why?

·        How was he doing in his private life?

·        What did he look after every day?

·        How is this man connected with the area where you are living?

·        Did the principles he adhered to are timeless, up-to-date even today?

·        How do you gain knowledge about the patron of your school?

·        Are you acquainted with the legacy of the patron?

·        Will you tell us about unusual, interesting people, events or discoveries connected with the person (institution) of the patron of your school?

·        Collect every information and use every available sources during your investigation.

·        After gathering the evidence, share with us the information you got to know in books, school library or the Internet.


We are looking forward to your compilations. Share with us the information about a man (institution), which name is proudly used by your school.


Age/level of participants:

            The age and level of participants are not limited.


The timetable:

            The onset of the project               :  1st December 2000

            The end of the project               :  1st June 2001


Suggested activities concerning the implementation of the project in classes:

            Searching out the information in libraries and in the Internet, looking for the people associated with the person of the patron (ethnographs, historians).


Expected results:

            We are looking forward to receiving from you every stories, photos, images, interviews and other sort of description of your patron. We are eager to read and see everything.


The output of the project:

            All sent essays will be published in the Internet.


Languages of the project:

            English and Polish suggested.


Names and e-mail addresses of the participants of the initial group:

            Questions and feedback are welcomed. Please, notify me:

Gabriela Schwartz

e-mail :

Zespół Szkół Ogólnokształcących

84 - 232 Rumia

ul. Stoczniowców 6